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We know it is not always easy for event- and travel planners to find reliable, transparent and creative partners abroad. Language barriers, cultural differences and a lack of local knowledge can make it difficult to know where to go and who to work with.

This is where we come in. We are a leading international representation company, with 3 offices in the main b2b travel markets and we are specialized in leisure and incentive groups. Working with us means you can expect to be introduced to the most reliable, creative and transparent partners at your destination.

With more than 15 years of experience we currently cover 5 local markets; The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and France.

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What to do in Česká Republika with Revel Events? 🇨🇿

🏰 Castles, chateaux, sixteen UNESCO monuments and historical cities are some of the most popular trip destinations in the Czech Republic. History, recent as well as ancient, has left its mark on the blissful landscape, with many impressive treasures from different eras. 

🍺 The reflections of the past can also be experienced in the still living traditional crafts and colorful folklore. It goes without saying that the travel experience is not complete without discovering the tastes of the Czech cuisine in all its traditional and modern forms, and with a glass of premium Czech beer or local wine!

🥾 Or can your holidays not do without hiking or cycling trips? Indulge yourself in unforgettable experiences and set out to wander around the picturesque countryside. The Czech mountains offer a great number of experiences in summer and in winter. 

🧖‍♀️ Oh, and don't forget the Czech spas are some of the most popular in the world!

Want to know more about the Czech Republic and the possibilities? Contact our DMC partner Revel Events or contact us!

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Meet Revel Events, our newest DMC partner for your MICE requests to the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 or Slovakia 🇸🇰 !

Their mission is to deliver unparalleled expertise and meticulous planning to ensure that incentives, conferences, and events surpass all expectations, making them the most successful to date. 

Utilizing their local insights, creativity, and passion, they craft bespoke programs and venues tailored to clients' specific needs and desires. They're dedicated to assisting clients in creating personalised tours that perfectly align with their preferences and budget.

Operating as a full-service agency, they prioritize attention to detail in every project, whether it's a single transfer or dinner booking or a comprehensive incentive program for 1000 attendees.

What projects are we talking about?
🗺 Incentive programs
💼 Meetings
🖥 Conferences
🏟 Events
💪 Team-building activities

Leveraging their expert knowledge of the local market, they curate unforgettable experiences primarily in Prague, as well as other regions in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Whether clients seek a comprehensive program or individual elements, their personalized approach guarantees a unique and memorable event ⭐️

Got requests for the Czech Republic or Slovakia? Contact our DMC partner Revel Events or contact us!

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#dmc #partner #partners #travel #tourism #destinations #experiences #congress #incentive #groups #events #meetings #memories #hotels #travel #design #wegiveexperiences #dreamlife #traveltheworld #events #mice #luxurylifestyle #incentives #travellover #czechrepublic #slovakia
TOP 5️⃣ unique things to do with Marveltour in Türkiye!

🌄 Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia: Soar above the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia in a hot air balloon, capturing breathtaking views of fairy chimneys, rock formations, and ancient valleys.

🛀 Turkish Bath Experience: Immerse yourself in Turkish culture by indulging in a traditional hammam experience. Relax in the steam, enjoy a scrub, and emerge rejuvenated.

🍷 Wine Tasting: Discover the burgeoning Turkish wine scene with a visit to vineyards on your route to sample unique varietals amid the region's stunning landscapes.

⛴ Bosphorus Cruise: Glide along the iconic Bosphorus Strait on a scenic cruise, offering panoramic views of Istanbul's skyline, historic landmarks, and the seamless blend of European and Asian shores.

🏘 Explore Grand Bazaar Rooftops with a Private Tour: Elevate your Grand Bazaar experience with a private tour that takes you beyond the bustling stalls. Venture to the rooftops for a unique perspective, enjoying panoramic views of Istanbul while uncovering the hidden stories of this historic marketplace.

🫓 Savor Michelin-Reviewed Turkish Cuisine: Revel in the culinary delights of Türkiye at a restaurant recently featured in the inaugural Michelin Guide for the country. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Turkish flavors, experiencing the artistry of a cuisine that has earned recognition on the global culinary stage for the first time.

Curious to know what else you can organise with Marveltour? Contact our DMC partner @marveltour_ or contact us!

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#dmc #partner #partners #travel #tourism #destinations #experiences #congress #incentive #groups #events #meetings #memories #hotels #travel #design #wegiveexperiences #dreamlife #traveltheworld #events #mice #luxurylifestyle #incentives #travellover #türkiye
What to do discover in Türkiye? 🇹🇷

🕌 Istanbul: Positioned between Asia and Europe, Istanbul serves as a vibrant crossroads of cultures and civilisations. It boasts a rich history reflected in its iconic landmarks such as the Hagia Sophia Mosque and the Blue Mosque, as well as the bustling Grand Bazaar.

🌄 Cappadocia: Formed millions of years ago through volcanic activity and erosion, Cappadocia is a geological wonderland dotted with fairy chimneys and ancient cave dwellings. Visitors can explore unique towns like Avanos and Ürgüp, and marvel at UNESCO-listed sites like the Göreme Open Air Museum, which reveals the region's Byzantine heritage.

⛵️ Blue Voyage: Offering a serene coastal journey, the Blue Voyage allows travellers to sail along the picturesque Turkish coast and Greek islands aboard traditional vessels called "GULETS." Beyond the breathtaking scenery and mesmerising sunsets, this voyage fosters camaraderie among passengers, creating moments of joy and relaxation.

🏛 Upper Mesopotamia: Rich in history and archaeological wonders, Upper Mesopotamia invites visitors on a journey through time. From the Mosaic Museum in Antakya to the ancient statues atop Mount Nemrut, the region offers a glimpse into the diverse civilisations that once thrived there.

🙏 Spiritual Journey: For those seeking a deeper connection, Turkey offers transformative pilgrimages to sites of religious significance. Following in the footsteps of Saint Paul or exploring the Seven Churches of the Revelation provides insight into the nation's Christian heritage.

In need of more inspiration for your requests? Contact our DMC partner @marveltour_ or contact us!

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#dmc #partner #partners #travel #tourism #destinations #experiences #congress #incentive #groups #events #meetings #memories #hotels #travel #design #wegiveexperiences #dreamlife #traveltheworld #events #mice #luxurylifestyle #incentives #travellover #türkiye
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