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Bergen, a beautiful place in Norway. A place you would not easily think of going to. It is known for its many rainy days. With a mackintosh and umbrella in my pocket, I board the plane. Within an hour, I land in this surprisingly beautiful city.

Nestled among the Seven Mountains, Bergen is not just a scenic city steeped in history; it’s a gastronomic hub waiting to be explored. This charming city, with its UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf, is a melting pot of traditional and innovative Norwegian cuisine.

Bergen: A Gateway to Norway’s Culinary Soul 🥄
After a short drive, I am in the city centre in no time, where I immediately see an abundance of the characteristic coloured Norwegian houses. Upon arrival in the city centre, I immediately decided to join a food tour. From a delicious meal at the beautiful Hotel Oleana to a visit to a huge fish hall and having a traditional Norwegian Waffle on Mount Fløien, Norwegian food pleases me. Not opting for a food tour? Then definitely go up by tram and enjoy the stunning views from the top of Mount Fløien.

With a full stomach, I head towards my hotel. I stay at the Clarion Havnekontoret and have dinner that evening at the Skyskraperen Restaurant. What an experience this is! You grab a gondola to the top, as the restaurant is located on one of the highest mountains in this beautiful place. And how lucky I am to have clear weather that day, because this way I can fully enjoy the view. In fact, this alone is an experience in itself, and then dinner has yet to start. After a lot of courses, I quickly return to the hotel, as another busy day awaits me. 

Day two of my Bergen adventure, mind you, is also about food, lots of food. This time I will be picked up by a RIB boat, I am completely hoisted in a safety suit, as it is quite cold. This boat takes me to Vestre. What a beautiful place this is, here I completely unwind. I am welcomed here by a very sweet Norwegian lady. She takes me under her wing all day, shows me around and shares beautiful stories. Here I eat the freshest food I have ever consumed and how good it tastes! And by fresh, I really mean fresh. That morning and also while eating, they take the fish right out of the water here. When the weather is nice, they prepare the dishes on the bbq outside. And despite Bergen being known for rainy weather, I’m in luck! So farI have only seen sunshine. Once back on land, I book a tour of the city and get to know the most famous sights.

Active and adventurous
It is already day three and I am getting up very early because I am going to Voss. After all, today we have both indoor skydiving and rafting on the agenda. A very fun, but above all a very exciting prospect! After a short introduction and explanation, I got a special outfit, ear protection and mask. Now I am ready to skydive indoors, or at least, first I have to talk myself into it. I step into the wind tunnel and soon realise: the hearing protection is not an unnecessary luxury, because what a noise! But what an experience to do this for the first time.

From the Indoor Skydive Centre, I continue in the direction of Elva Og Voss Active. This is a beautiful complex from where several activities are organised such as a climbing course and hiking. But also rafting, which is what I am going to do today. After a delicious lunch, the tension mounts pretty quickly. It then also starts raining, which makes for an extra spicy current.
Am I really going to do this! After a detailed explanation, I put on a wetsuit. From the complex, I first join a bus for about 20 minutes high up into the mountains, on a very narrow narrow road past the waterfalls. Which, by the way, is a beautiful, yet exciting ride. Once arrived, that’s it. I descend to make my way to the rafts. How intense this is, but what an enormous adventure!

Full of adrenaline, excitement and enthusiasm, I return to Bergen, to the hotel.

Rest and nature
Day four for me is all about rest and relaxation after all the action of the day before. In the morning, I take a Fjord cruise, one of the things very high on my wish list. And how beautiful it is. The waterfalls I see passing by are so impressively beautiful. The fjord cruise takes a total of 3 hours. Unfortunately, by then it’s time to head home again. Bergen is a small but versatile city. Young and old can have a great time here. Everyone is hospitable, the food is delicious and nature is beautiful. In short, the city I would not normally think of, is nevertheless really on my repeat list.

Tip: For me, the gastronomic highlight of my trip; the well-known Fresco Halls. This is a spectacular historic building, completely converted into a modern restaurant and bar. Incidentally, this famous restaurant also has a hotel attached.

Sustainability & Cuisine
Norway’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its cuisine. The farm-to-table concept is not just a trend here; it’s a way of life. Many chefs use locally sourced ingredients, ensuring fresh and flavorful dishes. One of the best ways to experience this is the ‘From Fjord ⛰ to Table 🍽’ activity.

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