Lars ter Burg

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If you could choose to which famous person you would be sitting next to in the plane, who would that be and what question would you ask?

I would choose to sit next to David Beckham and ask him for life advice and how to become such a well-dressed man. (Or do I need Victoria for that last one?)

Who is your favourite travel buddy and why?

I haven’t been on a holiday with him yet, but I’d say my dog: Dexter. He’s a border collie and I already take him anywhere I can, including the office. It’s always a joy to see people in public transport smile just by looking at him!

If you were a destination, which destination would you be and why?

I’d choose Iceland (although I’ve never been), because it’s unique, both warm and cold, its solitary yet it needs the world and above all: it’s just so damn beautiful!

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