Ancient traditions meet modern wonders

Bordering both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco’s culture is shaped by African, European and Asian influences. Its impressive landscape features the sahara, the Atlantic ocean, the mediterranean, mountain ranges and regions with a snowy climate. Add to this the bustling cities of Marrakesh, Fes and Meknes and Morocco’s tantalizing cuisine and you will understand why Morocco is a mix of intense sensations.

  • Culture

    Tradition, artistry and hospitality unveiled

    The Moroccan culture has many aspects, thanks to its legacies from the Mediterranean, Maghreb, and West Africa. Morocco is rich in craftsmanship; the art of leather, marquetry, tannery, cosmetics or ironwork is practiced intensively and transmitted from generation to generation. Culture in Morocco is also illustrated through the stunning architecture.

  • Food

    Discover unique flavors

    Ranked among the best in the world, Moroccan cuisine combines various culinary specialties inherited from its geographical position and its cultural diversity. Influenced by Andalusian Spain, Arabia and France, Morocco’s aromatic, spicy and rich flavors make its cuisine unique and delicious. Moroccan dishes are varied according to the regions you visit.

  • The Imperial Cities

    The Imperial Cities
    Let the story begin

    At different times, Morocco has experienced powerful empires that have influenced its culture, and those of the neighboring countries. Each new empire has fashioned a new capital, wanting to mark a new era. Through Imperial cities such as Fez and Marrakech, you can immerse yourself in the history of the ancient dynasties, which have fashioned the Morocco of today.

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