A perfect mixture of nature, culture and history

Suriname is located in the north of South America with a perfect mixture of nature, culture and history with a variety of food. Get acquainted with the indigenous and maroon in the interior of Suriname and experience their simple way of living. Walk with our tour guide through the wooden city of Paramaribo or through the forest and be surprised by our flora and fauna. Bring along your binocular.

  • Paramaribo

    The capital of Suriname

    Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname and is known for its wooden inner city. Walk along the St Petrus and Paulus Cathedral, the Mosque next to a synagogue, taste the variety of fruits and snacks at our local market and have a delicious Surinamese lunch in the area of Fort Zeelandia at Waterkant.

  • Commewijne plantations

    Commewijne plantations
    Former plantations

    Visit the Commewijne area by boat or bus and get to know more about these former coffee, cacao and citrus plantations. Now mainly the descendants of the Javanese and Hindustani immigrants live here (but work in Paramaribo.) Along the way you will come across stalls selling fruit and vegetables planted in their backyard.

  • Akira Overwater Resort

    Akira Overwater Resort
    Bigi Pan Nature Reserve

    Spend the night in one of the detached over-water lodges in the most luxurious resort of Bigi Pan. Bigi Pan is located in the western district of Nickerie, with its main town being Nieuw-Nickerie, which is known as the 2nd city of Suriname. The Nickerie district is known as the rice district. Bigi Pan is the breeding ground of approximately 100 bird species, including Scarlet Ibises and Flamingos. Bird and nature lovers can really indulge themselves here. On the way to Nieuw-Nickerie we pass the districts of Saramacca and Coronie.

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