A vibrant and youth-driven culture

Japan. A country that can make even the most mundane acts like taking a taxi, travelling on the subway, and – most strikingly – going to the toilet, eye-opening and simply memorable. Japan surrounds you with its subtle but ultimately irresistible charm, which sends every visitor home with memories so different that they may well pass the ultimate test of time and incentive travel, and last a lifetime.

  • Tokyo

    The most charming gathering of 13 million people

    In the space of 400 years, the fishing village of Edo has grown to become Tokyo. From the bright lights of Ginza, the energy of Shibuya, the juxtaposition of creativity and youthful rebellion in Harajuku, the nightlife of Roppongi, the IT sub-culture of Akihabara, the world’s busiest train station at Shinjuku, the world’s largest fish-market at Tsukiji, the temples, shrines or street markets: in Tokyo, there is always more to discover.

  • Kyoto

    Japan’s number one destination

    Kyoto has a stunning array of temples, shrines and famous World Heritage Sites. But it also offers old quaint lanes, Zen gardens, traditional, wooden “machiya” homes and ‘geishas’. Yet, Kyoto is not only about “traditional Japan.” It homes manufacturing giants such as Nintendo and Kyocera and has one of the largest student populations in the country. It has an array of non-Japanese restaurants and cafes, and a plethora of bars and clubs in Kyoto Kiyamachi district and beyond.

  • Hiroshima

    Navigating resilience in echoes of peace

    Hiroshima is a thriving city with a turbulent past. Demonstrating humankind’s immense power of destruction, it also shows you the awe-inspiring capacity for forgiveness and hope. Besides being moved by its past and its stories, it will surprise you with friendly and laid back vibes, delicious food and vibrant nightlife.

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