The World Heritage nation

Italy is renowned as one of the most beautiful countries in the world and one of the best MICE destinations in Europe. The rolling hills of Tuscany, the pristine beaches, the delicious food and the passionate people all make it a joy to visit. Top that off with the art, history and cultural sights and you will understand why Italy is the ultimate destination to experience La dolce Vita.

  • Italian Cuisine

    Italian Cuisine
    A taste of Italy

    Who doesn’t love pizza, pasta or gelato? Italian food is officially and unsurprisingly the most popular cuisine in the world. Each region, from the north to the south, has its own specialties that have been passed on from generation to generation and that are worth tasting at least once in your lifetime.

  • The Amalfi Coast

    The Amalfi Coast
    The perfect encounter between sea, sky and earth

    Deemed an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape by Unesco, the Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most memorable destinations. Here, mountains plunge into the sea in a nail-biting vertical scene of steep crags, cliff-clinging abodes and lush woodland. Beautiful colors, enticing aromas, panoramic views and delicious food: the Amalfi Coast is a destination you just don’t want to miss.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    A Priceless Nation

    Italy counts 54 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the most of any country on the World Heritage List. The Dolomites; The City of Verona; Ferrara and the Po River Delta; Florence and Rome; Hadrian’s Villa and the Villa D’Este at Tivoli; the archaeological area of Pompeii, Herculaneum; the Aeolian Islands are just some among many others. Italy is a treasure trove for those seeking out history, art and culture.


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