In January we organized, together with our great partners Boutique DMC Iceland & Icelandair our Travelmediate FAM Trip to Iceland. Check out our blog and aftermovie to discover all highlights!

After arrival in Keflavík International Airport where our partner, Boutique DMC Iceland, welcomed us with a local goody bag full with gifts which were very useful during the trip. After a short 30 minutes drive we arrived at the Blue Lagoon. After a beautiful inspection of one of the two 5-star hotels of Iceland: The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland, it was time to relax in the ±38 degrees Celsius mineralized water with an algae mask. As you can imagine, we came out looking and feeling 10 years younger and ready for everything that was waiting for us! After a short pitstop in Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik, which was our favorite accommodation price/quality wise, we closed the day with an amazing fish buffet at Restaurant Reykjavik.

The second day we were picked up by a huge super jeep who led us through the dramatic landscapes with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. After a 30 minute drive we arrived at the buggy tour, which is an amazing activity for groups who are looking for adrenaline. First of all, the view is amazing over the snowy table mountains in the area (snow only in winter). Second the track went through icy creeks, hills and holes which made the adrenaline level quite high! Fortunately, the buggies were of very good quality which made everything possible during the trail.

After this the journey continued to the most famous geysers of Iceland, where we started with a great lunch with a view over the geysers and an inspection of the beautiful Hotel Geysir. Furthermore, we discovered The Gullfoss, which is the most photogenic waterfall of Iceland. We ended the day with delightful food and beer tastings at Bryggjan Brewery & Restaurant. Finally around 10 AM it was time to discover the Northern Lights, but unfortunately we missed out… A good reason to come back!

Starting the day with breakfast at Canopy Reykjavik is always a good idea! After that it was off to the quads! But not before taking the the super jeep and driving over the beach of Kleifarvatn (lake), we were the only ones there, looking over a beautiful lake with ice rocks and snowy mountains in the background. The perfect destination to privatize the beach for a pop-up dinner location!

When we arrived at the quad company, it was time to dress up! Other than the buggy tour, this technical track was to the top of a mountain right through the age-old lava fields. What a unique experience and what a view! After a lovely local lunch at Netagerðin by Grindavík Harbour (which is also good to privatize), it was time to continue our Travelmediate FAM Trip to ‘The Big Apple’.

Iceland is definitely one of those destinations where the return on investment is great! Thank you Boutique DMC Iceland and everybody who joined on the FAM Trip to Iceland! Check out under here the aftermovie full of highlights! Thanks to GoPro and Travelmediate Corporate Gifts to make this happen.

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