During the last fam trip to Marrakech and Essaouira we definitely experienced that it is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. We were lucky to spend four days in Marrakech combined with Essaouira but I can tell you that this was definitely not enough. Morocco is a country which is so diverse, colourful, rich in history but modern at the same time. It has magnificent landscapes, mountains, deserts, cities, the beach and sea and we saw it all! With approximately five hours of sleep per night, we surely have made the most out of our time in Morocco.

Sleeping under the stars

After a warm welcome at the airport from KTI Events, we enjoyed the sunset on the way to Yes We Camp. An unique and truly amazing tented camp in the Agafay Desert. Being in the desert under the sky full of stars, surrounded by only sand and absolute silence, gives you the feeling you are alone in the world. Whilst it is actually only a forty-five minute drive from the hectics of Marrakech city.

We experienced traditional Berber music, dances, activities and even learned how to make the traditional Moroccan tea ourselves in the Atlas mountains. I can tell you it includes a lot of sugar 😉

A wide variety of flavours

We have visited the most amazing event locations, restaurants and hotels. There is something suitable for everyone! Furthermore the Moroccan cuisine is very diverse, there is always something tasteful for everyone. Did you know that there are also a lot of vineyards in Morocco and that the Moroccan wine tastes great? Our groups definitely enjoyed the Moroccan wines and not only during dinner.

The windy city

Essaouira is located only a three hour drive from Marrakech and the combination of Moroccan and European styles make this beach town the perfect getaway. A quad tour through the desert overlooking the sea and (kite)surfers was a great experience as well.

This beach town with its great and relaxing atmosphere is perfect for relaxing and with its Bohemian look and feels it is definitely worth visiting.

A source of inspiration

As mentioned before, four days in Morocco is not enough, even with only five hours sleep per night. But it for sure gave us the feeling that we need to come back and explore Morocco further. As they love to say: Yella-Yella and quickly experience Morocco yourself!

Thank you KTI Events and everybody who joined on the Fam Trip for this amazing experience!

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