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Japan For Professionals By Professionals

Japan is known around the world as being a unique country in virtually every respect. From its written language to its business world with its indirect communication and strict business etiquette, the Japanese environment can be difficult for many to navigate in an efficient and productive manner. That is why in Japan, more than many other countries, a DMC – specifically The J Team – is your greatest tool when planning events and making arrangements.

Japan is a great place to visit and a marvelous country in which to hold an event. Let The J Team handle the details so you can enjoy this wonderful country.

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6th Floor, Vort Toranomon South,
3-13-7 Nisihishinbashi, Minato-ku, TOKYO 105-0003

the Destination


A vibrant and youth-driven culture

Japan. A country that can make even the most mundane acts like taking a taxi, travelling on the subway, and – most strikingly – going to the toilet, eye-opening and simply memorable. Japan surrounds you with its subtle but ultimately irresistible charm, which sends every visitor home with memories so different that they may well pass the ultimate test of time and incentive travel, and last a lifetime.
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