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Rich cultural heritage, beautiful nature, architectural masterpieces, modern technologies and infrastructure. All of these factors make Russia a very unique and attractive destination. You can visit big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg or enjoy quite but also very interesting smaller places. Everyone can find something they like in Russia. Which is not surprising as Russia is the biggest country in the World.


Moscow is even bigger than you expect

Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. This is the most populated city in Russia and Europe. Moscow has much to offer, from splendid architecture, a unique subway, to 24/7 bars and art places. The heart of Moscow is the Red Square. The Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral are masterpieces of ancient Russian architecture. Moscow is also famous for its theatres. Best known is the Bolshoi Opera House.

Moscow — Talarii DMC
Saint-Petersburg — Talarii DMC


Create the great

Saint Petersburg, a city based on the shore of the Gulf of Finland was established in 1703 by Peter the Great, As the capital of Russia for two centuries, it has witnessed some of the most important historical events. The city is also referred to as “Venice of the North” because of its unique architecture. Petersburg is also very famous for its special creative atmosphere that attracts poets, artists and dreamers.


Country of lakes

The Republic of Karelia is situated in the northwest of Russia. It is one of the main destinations for ecotourism due to its pittoresque land with forests and its lovely rivers and lakes. Thousands of tourists spend their vacations here every year because of the great variety of beautiful landscapes.

Karelia — Talarii DMC
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