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Leaving communism far behind, Poland has stepped into the limelight and taken the centre stage of Europe: bustling with energy, developing, constructing and expanding.. Between our rich history and the new prosperity we have it all: old historic locations, medieval castles and refurbished manors which go hand in hand with modern conference centers, new concert halls and luxurious hotels that spring up every year. The choice of venues keeps growing: from mountains to sea, from the hustle-bustle of capital city life to calm rural countryside.

  • Krakow

    City of magic

    Krakow is a vibrant city that welcomes everyone. The city has retained much of its splendour. The tranquillity here can be overwhelming. And here lies one of the keys to the city's magic. It is where every day you might stumble across something that you have not noticed before - a little baroque church, a hidden courtyard, or perhaps just one of the dozens of statues that observes us passing by from the city houses’ facades. Krakow is the city where everyone feels at home. And so will you!

  • Warsaw

    City of energy

    Warsaw is Poland’s capital city, brimming with life and energy of its inhabitants. Visiting Warsaw is right where the nation’s cultural, financial and political heart beats. Throughout the challenges of its 20th-century history, Warsaw always managed to rebound and start over again, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. This fierce city values the youth as much as the tradition, and you’ll be surprised to discover the charm of the Old Town and the modernity of the downtown. Great creativity and open mind are the major assets of this metropolis at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe.

  • Gdańsk

    City of freedom

    Gdańsk was a Hanseatic city of free trade and great ideas. Situated at the intersection of ancient trade routes and among various coexisting cultures, the city is closely associated with the sea and by the country's greatest river, with the rest of Poland. Gdańsk is a city of impressive history and a fascinating future. Guests staying here have the opportunity to become familiar with this great city, beginning with its historical heart – the old city.

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