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Day 2: San Sebastián – 12th July 2020

It is 07.00 hours in the morning and the alarm (a lick from Dash, Raymon’s dog) went off… so it was time to start the day! The sun was shining bright, the coffee was wonderfully fresh and the cruesli was amazingly crunchy. Hashtag good start of the day, right?! Time to go on the road again, this time from Arcachon to San Sebastián which is approximately a 3 hours drive. Once we have arrived in the gorgeous ‘surf’ bay of San Sebastián, we were greeted by a warm welcome from our guide – Anna!

We started with a local food tour through the old town (Which they call, Parte Vieja) of San Sebastián, an activity everybody should do when you love food! Did you know that this gastronomic surf paradise has the most Michelin Star Restaurants in the world per number of inhabitants?! Well now you know ☺. The two best places where we have tasted the local foodies where Bare Bare & Casa Vergara. The Scalloped Sea Urchin (the left one on the picture) was our absolute favorite ‘Pinxtos’ (The Basque Tapas) YUMMM!

Next to the fact that San Sebastián is the culinary capital in the world, it is the most popular seaside resort of the Basque Country. Furthermore, the city offers a great variety in accommodation types and event venues, the nature is absolutely stunning and it provides a great surfing beach! In our opinion; “San Sebastián is a great destination for groups and perfect to combine with Bilbao, which is also a very interesting city for groups who are looking for more culture!”

Day 2: Bilbao – 12th of July 2020

Buenas tardes (Good afternoon). Only 1-hour drive from San Sebastián you find a very unique and interesting city called; Bilbao. Did you know that Bilbao is the biggest city in the Basque Country? And a very interesting one? Now you know 😉

Bilbao was traditionally a grey industrial city which started a long time ago with the export of wool. Nowadays, after the opening of The Guggenheim Museum in 1997, it has become very modern metropole. The museum completely transformed the city into an attractive destination for tourists! More and more hotels, restaurants, event venues where build and the variety of activities are beyond plentiful.

We started in the afternoon with a beautiful bike tour through the ‘new’ part of Bilbao where we discovered the Conference Centre Euskalduna and of course, the famous Guggenheim Museum. “We highly recommend Bilbao as a MICE and City Trip destination, especially (when you have a bit more time) in combination with San Sebastián!”

The next morning, we drove 45 minutes South to discover the Vineyards of Bilbao with an incredible Quad Tour. Getting curious about the (privatizing) options over there? Contact us for more information

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Please stay tuned for the new highlight video’s and blogs from the vineyards of Bilbao and Beautiful Lisbon!

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