Hopefully you have enjoyed watching our live vlogs on our Instagram and Facebook stories (you still can). To accompany our videos, I have created this blog for you to immerse yourselves and share our experience & ideas. Furthermore, you can admire the work of Niels who created an awesome highlight movie of the incentive road trip (coming soon) part 3 under here!

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Day 3: Bilbao & Baleal – 13th of July 2020

Like I have described in our previous blog, we started today with a legendary Quad Tour! Why legendary? Because we went right through the vineyards with those machines! Only 45 minutes’ drive South from Bilbao is the spot where you can find this unique adventure. After an hour of adrenaline, we drove to the top of the hill with a beautiful view over the vineyards, which is in our opinion, the perfect spot for catering and local wine tastings! For a visualizing experience you can check out the video above here created by Ndsigned! If you are curious about the pricing and options you can request a free and a no-obligation quote here.

Off to Portugal… was the plan… but after long drives we thought is was a good idea to stop somewhere in central Spain, next to a river, in the middle of nowhere. After crossing dry hilly landscapes through the heat of central Spain and what appeared to be abandoned villages, we arrived at a river which seemed good for wild camping… not really the ‘swim’ kind of river we expected. After some (BBQ) groceries we decided to drive to Baleal, which is known as a great surf spot just 100 kilometers North from Lisbon. Once arrived we found an amazing spot for wild camping, red wines and a BBQ. Sleep well companheiros!!

Day 4: Baleal & Lisbon – 14th of July 2020

As most of you might know, Raymon is a real surfer! Me, on the other hand, I try very hard to look like one… ha-ha. So, Ray grabs his surfboard from the campervan and Niels and I went to the local surfboard rental to get one. No joke, Niels is also quite experienced… Only me on a huge foam board ;P Nevertheless, considering the rough circumstances, it went quite well. Raymon took waves from at least 2 meters!

After a nice coffee and the local delicacy: Pastéis de nata, we drove to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon! We arrived at the Torre de Belém where we met our partner Manuel Horta from Abreu Events and the amazing guide Filipa. We hopped on the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) from Seaview after which it was time for adrenaline again. With a speed of ±70 kilometers per hour we flew over the Taag River discovering venues and beautiful views from Lisbon! A great activity when your group likes to discover the capital from the water, loves adrenaline & speed. One of the highlights for me was to pass under the Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge in her shadow and see Lisbon (& Cristo Redentor) in even brighter contrasts! Great venues for you and your groups we have discovered during this ride are:

  • SUD – New venue in Belem from Sana Hotels
  • Kais – Restaurant and Venue
  • Monte Mar Lisboa – Restaurant and Venue
  • Patio da Galé – Venue in the commerce square

Back in the harbour of Belem we went to the old town of Lisbon, which is absolutely stunning! Together with our great guide and the videographer Niels, we discovered the highlights of the old town from Lisbon. See under here the amazing video from Lisbon created by Niels:

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Thanks for watching and reading! We hope you have enjoyed it and that the content is valuable for you. The program was developed and fulfilled by our partner Abreu Events DMC, who is our partner in Spain, Portugal (including Islands), Brazil and East U.S.A.. Many thanks for the great experience! Thanks a lot for the amazing video content, and obviously for the fun along the way! Click on the Highlight; ‘Road Trip Spain & Road Trip Portugal’ on our Instagram account to see more videos and vlogs. In case you want more information please let us know  ☺

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