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Namibia is home to two deserts, the Namib and Kalahari, where desolate dry landscapes contrast a diversity of rich colours, unique flora and rugged fauna. Here, you can explore the oldest and driest desert on earth and climb the highest sand dunes in the world. From the dead trees at Sossusvlei to the abundance of wildlife shimmering against the salt pans of Etosha, your ultimate desert adventure awaits you in Namibia.

  • Sossusvlei

    Striking and surreal desert salt pan

    Sossusvlei is arguably one of the most spectacular and most visited attractions in Namibia. Essentially, it is a large white salt and clay pan, surrounded by large red sand dunes. The dunes here are some of the highest in the world, reaching up to 400 metres, providing photographers with stunning, dreamlike landscapes.

  • Sandwich Harbour

    Sandwich Harbour
    Where dunes dance and waves applaud

    Driving between the crashing ocean and the ancient sand dunes of Sandwich Harbour is bound to be an emotional moment on your desert adventure. Here, the gold shimmers of the giant sand dunes run straight into the ocean, resulting in breathtaking scenes and unique landscapes.

  • Etosha National Park

    Etosha National Park
    Safari canvas

    Etosha – meaning “Great White Place” – is well-known as Namibia’s premier wildlife location. Dominated by a huge mineral pan and surrounded by sand dunes and golden grass plains, the park’s desert landscape is always brimming with wildlife. Strategically placed watering holes draw in thirsty animals which just about guarantees an excellent game viewing experience with every visit.


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