Rainforest rhythms and cultural harmony

This former English colony was conquered by the Dutch in 1667. In 1954, the country became an autonomous region of the Netherlands and in 1975 Suriname became independent as the Republic of Suriname. Visit the vibrant capital of Paramaribo, or explore its rainforest by boat, where you will discover exciting communities who still live in authentic villages, such as the Black Marrons, the Bushinengues and the Native Americans.

  • Paramaribo

    A journey back in time

    In Paramaribo, the Dutch footprint is striking and the capital is an example of perfect cultural integration. The streets are inspired by the Dutch architecture of the 17th century and are inhabited by a multi-ethnic population. Here, the Javanese live in perfect harmony with the Bushinengues, the Black Marrons, the Native Americans, the Hindustanis and the Dutch.

  • Amazon river and dolphins

    Amazon river and dolphins
    Pink dolphins at sunset

    Enjoy the magic of a beautiful sunset on a river in the middle of the Amazonian forest, aboard an old Dutch star. Enjoy your dinner in an old plantation and hop on the boat, where you will be able to spot the Amazon river pink dolphin. which is the sacred mammal of the Amerindians.

  • St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

    St. Peter and Paul Cathedral
    The largest wooden building in the Western Hemisphere

    St. Peter and Paul Cathedral was built in 1883 and completed in 1885. This wooden cathedral can accommodate up to 340 people and is the largest wooden building in the Western Hemisphere. The church is still in service. The St. Peter and Paul Cathedral is 144 feet high, which is the tallest in South America. It has lavish wood decorations and massive panel windows that swing open to let the tropical heat in.


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