Travelmediate and me…

We started Travelmediate almost 10 years ago in November 2011 and what journey it has been! When we started we had almost nothing… We just came out the financial crisis and companies where not eager to travel at all. There was no money, no engagement towards others and at this time everyone was seeking opportunities. In my opinion the world mainly focussed on the ‘new’ technology companies… For me it felt I had to do something with that new technology. At that time I saw opportunities in the Travel Branche and especially in Representation.

Why? Because DMC’s did not had the tools to do innovative online marketing and sales and at this point online became the new… That’s why we started Travelmediate and used that new technologie doing (online) Sales & Marketing activities to help DMC’s with international business and to pursue our goal to help Event Planners, Incentive Houses and Tour Operators with the most reliable, creative and knowledgeable partners abroad.

Where it all started…

My last event as an Incentive Organizer was at the Olympics Games in Beijing, where we worked together with Miss Lui Ping from a very well-known DMC company in China. I met her through Site Global Conferences, Ping and I know each other now for almost 15 years. Back in the early days, we started our conversations in Montego Bay (California) where my first Site Global Conference was… there I met the industry veterans where only a few are left on active duty today, but from that point I was absolutely sold on the industry.

Why an own representation company?

Ping informed me about the variety of businesses and mentioned to me, why I should NOT open my own representation company. I don’t know why but until this day I have never asked Ping why she advised me to open my own representation company (I will ask this week!!), but now finds Travelmediate the perfect fit for Global Representation. What I do know, is that I love my job, I wake up every day to do my passion, travel is in my system and I am happy to go to the office knowing there is never a dull moment!

Nowadays, we have 4 global Travelmediate offices in France, Poland, United Kingdom and Benelux. We believe that it should be easy for an Event Planner, Incentive House or Tour Operator to find us in each market and be their FREE consultant for each project that comes along. From these offices we generate leads for our DMC’s. They know how important it is to get the job done for the end client, go the extra mile without asking. Because, that is Travelmediate: Engagement until the end and beyond!

Get to know Travelmediate member Raymon Honings.

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