Past meets presents in a sea of sunlit splendor

Whitewashed villages with medieval castles and cobblestone streets, captivating cities with golden sand beaches: just a few of the components of this intriguing country. Portugal’s richness can be seen in its historic cities with architectural monuments that are scattered around the country and effortlessly blend with the ever-changing landscapes. Along its coastline, Portugal’s beauty unfolds with deep valleys revealing picturesque stone-built villages and vineyards.

  • Lisbon

    Electrifying, contemporary and charming

    Lisbon is a place that combines entertainment, innovation, culture, beautiful nature and history. The views from the seven hills that surround Lisbon reveal the city in all its beauty: its historic Roman and Moorish ruins, white cathedrals and grand squares with charming cafés and restaurants. Other parts of town offer contemporary buildings, bohemian bars and riverside clubs.

  • Porto

    A historic heart with a modern vein

    Porto has a unique way of combining its historic heart (which is a UNESCO World Heritage SIte) and its charming riverside suburbs with contemporary architecture. Dive into Porto’s culture with “Palacio da Bolsa”, the famous “Lello” bookshop and “Café Majestic” next to the Baroque churches and enjoy the avant-garde hotels and trendy restaurants. Porto is a symbol of Portuguese gastronomy with its well-known Port Wine and cuisine.

  • Portuguese Islands

    Portuguese Islands
    Untouched nature

    With its unique culture and heritage, the Madeira Islands are like paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The streets have a unique aura and the famous levada walks – trails that runs alongside irrigation mini-canals – are heaven for hikers. The Azores Islands offer untouched beauty with volcanic landscapes, emerald fields and a carpet-flat ocean. This magical land offers adventurous experiences such as hiking, whale- and bird watching, swimming with dolphins and watersports.

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