Harm Ligtenberg

Director of Sales at
Travelmediate Benelux

If you could choose to which famous person you would be sitting next to in the plane, who would that be and what question would you ask?

Tony Robbins, can I attend one of your seminars?!

Who is your favourite travel buddy and why?

I can’t choose one.. I love to travel with my girlfriend, with my family, with my friends and with my dog. They are all very special and different which results in diverse valuable experiences.

If you were a destination, which destination would you be and why?

I believe Nepal (haven’t been yet)! Because: it’s the top of the world (unlimited hiking possibilities), the population seems the sweetest on the planet, the country has a sub tropic climate with national parks for amazing wildlife safaris, the food seems delicious and you can immerse yourself in the spiritual world.

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