The Netherlands,
Fields of tulips & modern cities

The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is famous for its tulips, wooden shoes (clogs), mills and cheese but it has so much more to offer. Explore the many cities and villages with quaint houses and picturesque canals, or admire the Dutch masters in the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum. It is not just its history that’s exciting, our modern and diverse country also has a lot to offer when it comes to start-ups, healthy living, sustainability and modern architecture. Furthermore, The Netherlands provides great escape opportunities in the beautiful nature. Discover for example The Veluwe or The Wadden Islands and its beaches. Holland is absolute a great destination for travelers and (MICE) groups looking for an interesting, fun and conscious experience. Boutique Holland DMC offers you all services needed for a perfect ROI for you and your groups!

The Netherlands
  • Amsterdam

    The authentic and eclectic pearl

    Amsterdam is quite small in size (for a capital city) and therefore ideal to be explored by bike. It has a rich history, with its 17th century canals, museums full of masterpieces and unique architecture. It is a bustling city, where being different is celebrated and the atmosphere is eclectic and 'gezellig' (which means something like cozy). The city has many fabulous restaurants and bars to explore and an exciting nightlife. Furthermore, our capital has also a lot to offer when it comes to start-ups, healthy living, sustainability and modern architecture. The perfect destination for all kinds of tourism and MICE related events or travel.

  • The Countryside

    The Countryside
    Must sees in Holland

    The Dutch Countryside is definitely worth exploring. Besides the impressive amounts of windmills, the Dutch have many interesting traditions which you can experience: visit a tulip farm in spring to see a mind blowing display of colors or visit a cheese farm and learn about how Dutch cheese is made. You can find out how wooden shoes (clogs) are made, or visit one of the seaside towns like Marken or Volendam. Do you prefer a getaway in the moors and forests, visit The Veluwe! There is absolutely enough to explore with your groups, in all shapes and sizes.

  • Rotterdam

    The modern harbor city

    Rotterdam is the Modern Harbor City of the Netherlands and it is a city that thrives on innovation. After being bombed in the second world war it has built itself from the ground up, which has resulted in an exciting, modern and innovative urban design. Explore the city’s architecture, visit one of the top notch museums, or go for a drink or a meal in the bustling city center. Rotterdam will surely not disappoint.

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