The Heart of Art and Romance

Romantic spots, stunning architecture, iconic buildings and the first nation to have its gastronomy recognised by UNESCO as “intangible cultural heritage”. France is said to have everything, from beautiful cities to sandy beaches, snow covered mountains and vast stretches of countryside. France truly has a large variety of landscapes and many regional identities to explore.


Gateway to the French Provence

Marseille is a city full of art and culture. It has 26 centuries of history and offers an exciting combination of tradition and modernity. It is a rich, pulsating port city bursting with history. Marseille’s maritime heritage thrives at the vibrant Old Port, where fresh-off-the-boat fish is sold each morning. Along the coast, quaint seaside roads and cycling tracks lead you towards sunny coves and sandy beaches.

The port in Marseille
Mont St Michael at low tide

Brittany and Normandy

A Journey Through the Celtic Soul

Brittany and Normandy offer cinematic landscapes, which invite you to go out and explore. Drive on the small roads along the Atlantic Ocean in an iconic 2CV car, or go sailing on a vintage boat to discover the channel islands where you might be able to spot dolphins and grey seals. You can take a walk on the sandy bay of Mont Saint Michel or go sand sailing on the Normandy beaches.


From Vineyards to Sand Dunes

Bordeaux is the world Wine Capital, where some of the most famous wines in the world are made. You can enjoy your wine with incredible food, as there are 14 Michelin starred restaurants in and around Bordeaux. You can also visit the seaside, where you will find the highest sand dune in Europe. Bordeaux is also the gateway to the French Basque Country, with its iconic surfing beaches and Spanish Basque style food.

Place de la Bourse Bordeaux
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