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Travco Events is a MICE specialist which operates in the United Arab Emirates. You are assured of Global Event Industry standards and local expertise with Travco Events. Travco Events is a part of TRAVCO LLC, which is one of the biggest Destination Management Companies in the Gulf region. They have a commanding position with most of the hotel chains and suppliers offering preferred partner rates due to its high volume of business they drive in. At Travco Events they offer destination experience coupled with creativity and logistical expertise, which ensures the results  for  their clients where they are looking for. We love the challenge of turning the impossible into reality. The experienced team brings you the powerful combination of flair and creativity backed by an obsession for perfection. THEY DESIGN, PLAN, CREATE & EXECUTE!

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Westburry Commercial Tower Level 5 Business Bay P.O. Box 26896 Dubai                                United Arab Emirates

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Travco Events agent
Travco Events agent

United Arab Emirates

Warm Hospitality, Rich Heritage and Proud Traditions 

With 300+ days of sunshine United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a strategic location connecting the east and the west by major airlines in the world. Robust infrastructure supporting tourism ranging from budgetary and fancy accommodation options. The destination excites to all types and age group of people for events and activities to organise. UAE also has unique biodiversity consist of deserts, oasis, mountains, valleys, salt plains, mangroves, beaches and a very rich terrestrial and marine flora and fauna.


Beauty has an Address

Oman is the undiscovered gem of the Middle East that delivers the elegance and authenticity of Arabia. It caters to sophisticated tastes with a solid offering of luxury products and services and provides a relaxed ambience for high end conferences and events. Oman is a country in its own right, comfortable in its own skin, retaining traditions and charms that make it a fabulous emerging yet also well-established MICE destination. Luxury international hotel groups are very much established catering to all segments of MICE Business.