Talarii DMC

A warm Russian welcome

Launched in 2000, Talarii has more than 18 years of successful experience in travel industry, counts over 250 professional employees in more than 20 offices all over the Russia with main office in Moscow as well as in Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg and Kiev in Ukraine. Our prior segments are: business trips, MICE and Corporate travel, Incoming, Booking online and Ticketing. Incoming Travel into Russia and CIS is our new branch and we are very proud to have such a challenging startup. Our team is made of professionals of the industry with huge expertise, enthusiasm and passion for what they do. Talarii are winged sandals of Hermes, the Greek God of Trade and Commerce. They helped him to fly as a bird and travel around the world.

Company Address

Baltiyskaya ul. 9, Russia, Moscow


Reveal your own Russia

Rich cultural heritage, beautiful nature, architectural masterpieces, modern technologies and infrastructure. All of these factors make Russia a very unique and attractive destination. You can visit big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg or enjoy quite but also very interesting smaller places. Everyone can find something they like in Russia. Which is not surprising as Russia is the biggest country in the World.

Moscow — Talarii DMC