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Sultanate of Oman is the undiscovered gem of the Middle East that delivers the elegance and authenticity of Arabia. It is not only the land of great beauty and  rich Omani history but also a land of pristine landscapes/nature and hospitable people living in an ancient and fascinating culture. It is packed with amazing panoramas inviting and enticing for all kinds of travelers who desire to explore the divine destination. Oman lies within seven hours flying time of around 50% of the world’s population, a geographical advantage which makes Oman’s a one of the best emerging MICE destinations.


City of Architectural Marvels

Muscat is the capital and largest City of Oman. It is a home for some of the Iconic Modern and historical architectural landmark sites such as Grand Mosque, built and crafted for six years, covering an area of 40,000 square meters, The Royal Opera House Muscat is Oman’s premier venue for musical art and culture which is reflects unique contemporary Omani architecture, and has a capacity to accommodate 1000+ people, Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre and Muscat gives you a taste of Omani heritage, with number of forts and museums give you a glimpse of Oman’s rich culture and heritage of a by gone era. Muscat is fast becoming a top spot for MICE visitors to enjoy ancient and modern culture together.

Muscat by night
Quads through Wahiba Sand

Wahiba Sand

The golden horizons of Arabia

Oman’s vast expanse of desert which is part of the Al Sharqiya Sands of Oman, also known as the Wahiba Sands or Ramlat al Wahiba. One can experience the Omani desert in all its glory as wide swaths of undulating red and white sands swell across the landscape forming dunes that rise up to 200m in ever-changing patterns as the winds sweeps them from here to there. Learn about the customs of the bedouins that live amongst the golden sands, visit the women’s only traditional local market and picnic by the spectacular natural pools of Wadi Bani or visit Khalid, which is a desert paradise in the middle of the sweltering sands. Wahiba Sand is also house of some of the Luxury and local campsites which is ideal for the MICE guests.

Jabel Akhdar

Personified the Beauty of Majestic Mountain

Al Jabal Al Akhdar meaning “the Green Mountain” is one of Oman’s most spectacular areas. It is located around 150 km from Muscat. The range is mostly desert, but at higher altitudes receives around 300 mm of rain a year which make them more green.  Moist enough to allow the growth of shrubs and trees and support agriculture. It is this that gives the mountains their “green” name. Myrrh and the essence of the rare, Omani rock roses are widely used in one of the valuable perfume Amouage are being sources from Jebel Akhdar area. It is also the site of honey bee breeding for much of Oman. Jebel Akhtar also houses the two state of art resorts on mountains, Alila and Anantara. Fascinating hotels on mountains giving the perfect atmosphere for MICE travelers.

Rock climbing Akhdar


Discover the Norway of Arabia

Khasab is a city in an exclave of Oman bordering the United Arab Emirates. It is the local capital of the Musandam peninsula and has frequently been called as the “Norway of Arabia” because of its extensive fjord-like craggy inlets and desolate mountainscapes. The city is naturally surrounded by the mountains of the Al Hajar Range. The city’s population is dominated by ethnic Omanis from the mainland. Various excursions can be done in Khasab from City tour of Khasab to explore the beautiful fjords while witnessing the dolphins in their natural habitat and to embark your four wheels for jeep Safari to Jabel Harim Mountains. Recently Oman’s chamber of commerce & industry is announced to develop Conference and Exhibition centre in Khasab to boost MICE business.


City of UNESCO sites

Salalah, is the capital and largest city of the southern Omani governorate of the Dhofar Province. Salalah is the birthplace of the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Salalah is not only famous for its natural beauty made of lush vegetation, waterfalls, and stunning beaches and but also renowned for its UNESCO architectural sites like Al Balid Archeological site, Sumhurram ( from Queen Sheeba Time). Salalah is houses of many luxrisous beach resort. like Alila, Anantara, Crown Plaza, Hilton Rotana and many more which provide ample options for MICE travelers.

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