Each city in Spain shows its unique character with its majestic cathedrals, grand avenues with exceptional architecture and mysterious alleyways where you’ll be surprised with picture-perfect patios. Spain has epic landscapes mixed with Roman ruins, cathedrals and traits of Islamic influences enriching the country’s history. It also boasts a cultural heritage created by rebellious spirits such as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, and Antonio Gaudí.


Vibrant crossroads

Madrid is bustling with life, entertainment, culture and sophistication. It has a way of surprising you with charming alleyways, bars and extraordinary restaurants. Madrid is waiting to be explored, with world-famous museums like Prado and Reina Sofia, which could be the perfect backdrop of a gala dinner. When it comes to hotels, Madrid offers a variety of contemporary and classical properties.

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Barcelona — Abreu Events


Iconic neighborhoods and unique architecture

Barcelona is a city to be explored by foot, as its streets cherish secrets of the past surrounded by iconic neighborhoods with unique architectural styles. As the night falls, Barcelona’s energy raises as bars, terraces and rooftops start buzzing with people continuing to the city’s food markets or one of the delightful gourmet restaurants. 


A unique glowing beauty

Seville is a passionate city with a strong Moorish Heritage. It awakens the senses with its culture, monuments, traditions and artistic heritage which are considered World Heritage Sites. The elegance of the city is also represented in the hotels that range from unique properties in amazing Andalusian style to extravagant venues. Don’t be surprised if you hear the echoing sound of flamenco in the neighborhood of Triana.

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Valencia is irresistable, with its unique natural setting that seamlessly blends the modern with the traditional. It is the center of international and modern design and their buildings are perfect venues for corporate events. Eating is important in Valencia, with the famous mercado central and it being the birthplace of paella.


Spain has the biggest vineyard surface in the whole world, with La Rioja as the most cherished region with beautiful landscapes, medieval villages and stunning monasteries. Its beauty is enhanced with a dramatic and colorful natural setting, giving this region its distinctive flair and famous wines.

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