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The Magic City

Krakow is a vibrant city with a sense of tranquillity that gives this city a magical feel. It is the kind of place where every day you might stumble across something that you have not noticed before – a little baroque church, a hidden courtyard, or perhaps just one of the dozens of statues on one of the city houses’ facades. Krakow is the city where everyone feels at home.


City of positive energy

Warsaw is Poland’s capital city and it is where the nation’s cultural, financial and political heart beats. Throughout the challenges of the 20th century, Warsaw always managed start over again. This fierce and resilient city values modernity as much as tradition. Creativity and an open mind are Warsaw’s major assets. Discover the charm of Warsaw’s Old Town, the Old Jewish quarter, the vibrant nightlife and the lush parklands.


Amber culture everywhere

Gdańsk, a city of free trade and great ideas. Situated at the intersection of ancient trade routes and among a variety of coexisting cultures, the city is closely associated with both the sea and the rest of Poland. Gdańsk is a city of impressive history and a fascinating future. Guests staying here have the opportunity to explore this great city, beginning with its historical heart: the Old City.


Polish cuisine has recently bloomed as a rising star on the European scene. Polish food is simple, hearty and probably one of the tastiest around the globe. Poland is famous for its pierogi (filled dumplings) and żurek (sour rye soup), which are only a small part of a rich variety of meals offered by polish cuisine.

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