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Bulgaria will amaze you and inspire you. This is a land of mystery, ancient rituals, breathtaking nature, unique history. The Black sea coast with its golden sands, the Rila Mountain with its peaks and magic lakes, the valleys, the treasures and the unique traditions… This is the land of the roses, the land of the Thracians, the land of the yoghurt, the land you simply must discover for yourself!


Where ancient culture meets modern artistry

Plovdiv is one of those places where centuries-old ruins coexist with vibrant contemporary lifestyle in an inspiring harmony. As Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city, Plovdiv stands proudly with its seven hills and startles with the romantic and artistic atmosphere. The city is an amazing combination of ancient remains, 19th-century townhouses turned into museums, galleries, superb restaurants and a charming art quarter right in the center of it. A city charged with unique energy and a definite must on your itinerary.

Bulgarian Mountains

Mysterious and inviting

With its numerous mountains Bulgaria offers all-year-round possibilities for whatever activity you are into. Hiking the highest peak on the Balkans (Musala 2925m), visiting the magical Rila lakes (proved to be a point of power), skiing in the Pirin Mountain, trip to the mountain monasteries, glamping in the Rhodope mountain, caving, mountain biking, rock climbing can easily be combined with delicious high-altitude cuisine for an amazing local experience.

Roses and Lavender

The Symbol of Bulgaria

Largely known as the Land of the roses, Bulgaria is traditionally the biggest producer of rose and lavender oils in the World. Roses are a symbol for Bulgarians and exist in all parts of daily life – from decorations to food ingredient. The Rose Festival in Kazanlak is a must-visit event taking place annually in June.

Folklore Music

 The distinctive sounds of Bulgarian folklore music come from its unique rhythms, harmony and vocal production. A Bulgarian traditional song was recorded on the Golden Record, launched on NASA’s Voyager 1 and is still traveling into space! 


Not only are Bulgarians known as the ones who introduced yogurt to the World, but Bulgaria’s history and identity can be traced through its production. Yogurt is the single most popular and loved drinks in the country and you will find it everywhere – from food to cosmetics. 

The Land Of Thracian Kings

Bulgaria is known to be the land of the Thracian tribes. Evidence of their way of life and mystic rituals are scattered all around the country. The abundance of well-preserved tombs and unique sanctuaries prove the majestic lifestyle and high level of culture in the Thracian era.

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