An exotic destination full of contrasts

Panama is famous for the Canal: a marvel of engineering that joins the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean and plays a vital role in the fate of international trade. The country boasts a vibrant modern capital city, one of the richest ecosystems on Earth, lush jungles, pristine beaches, bountiful archipelagos, indigenous tribes and wonderful Unesco colonial sites.

The Canal

A marvel of engineering

One of the world’s greatest shortcuts – the Panama Canal – cuts right through the Continental Divide, linking the Atlantic and the Pacific. Just as stunning as the giant steel container ships passing through the locks are the legions of animals watching from the jungle fringes. Navigate alongside the supertankers, or visit the locks to understand how this marvel of engineering is operated.


The Canal
San Blas Islands

Archipelagoes and beaches

Welcome to paradise

Panama has 600 kilometers of coastline, both on the Atlantic and the Pacific side. The amount of pristine beaches is staggering. Four archipelagoes, Bocas del Toro, San Blas, Coiba (a national park) and Las Perlas are marvels of tropical vegetation, deserted beaches, turquoise waters, endemic terrestrial fauna and abundant marine wildlife. During the migration period, do not miss the majestic humpback whales jumping out of the water!

Indigenous People

Meet the natives

Panama is home to eight ethnic groups of Amerindian indigenous people and all of them have their own culture, beliefs and language. The largest tribes have been granted their own “Comarca”, or autonomous province by the State. Despite an ongoing assimilation to the modern way of life, most of the indigenous tribes still live according to their traditions, which you can discover during a day trip to an Embera or Kuna community.

The Natives

Panama City

With 70 skyscrapers, Panama city boasts an impressive skyline. Driven by a double digit economic growth and a ferocious attraction of foreign capital, the capital city of Panama quickly turned itself into the “Dubai of Central America”. To face this incredible expansion, real estate developers now have to construct artificial land over the Pacific ocean. Panama City is one of the safest cities in Latin America.

Unesco Colonial sites

Panama has an abundance of Spanish colonial sites that will transport you back in time with fascinating stories of conquest, gold transit and pirate attacks. Portobello, the fortress of San Lorenzo, Panama Viejo and Casco Viejo – to name just a few – are stunning sites and part of the Unesco World Heritage.

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