Land of lakes and volcanoes

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. It might have a turbulent past, but today Nicaragua is a peaceful democratic nation with friendly citizens eager to promote their country and strengthen their economy. The folklore and culture are rich, with many festivals and carnivals taking place throughout the year all over the nation. The highlights are the country’s stunning landscapes with lakes, volcanoes and beaches and superb colonial cities.

Colonial cities

Granada is the second largest city of Nicaragua. The colonial centre boasts dozens of churches, convents, museums and art galleries. Just a short distance away, you can navigate through “las islitas”: a complex of 365 lake islets formed by a gigantic eruption of Volcano Mombacho 20.000 years ago. The city Leon offers the largest cathedral of Central America, a historic centre and the house where famous poet Ruben Dario lived – all Unesco World Heritage sites.

On the rooftop of León cathedral in León, Nicaragua
Red hot volcano in Nicaragua

Lakes & volcanoes

Nicaragua has more than 20 volcanoes, several of them still active today. Valleys of cooled lava and smoking craters make for spectacular landscapes. The most visited volcanoes are the Masaya, Mombacho and Cerro Negro. Lake Nicaragua (8624 square kilometers) is the second largest lake in Latin America and stretches all the way to the edges of the Pacific Ocean and flows down to the Caribbean Sea via the San Juan river.

Adventure and discovery

Nicaragua offers a widespread choice of activities, for all tastes and all ages: you can go on coffee plantation tours, hike around a crater, take a boat tour on lake or go for a night hike on volcano Masaya. Or maybe you want to go zip-lining, surfing down the sides of Cerro Negro, go birdwatching or wander through traditional markets.

Ziplining in the jungle
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