Honduras has it all : superb landscapes, national parks, volcanoes, lakes, untouched Spanish colonial cities, Garifuna villages and pre-Columbian cities. The beautiful Bay Islands (Roatan, Utila and Guanaja) offer beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, coral reef, lush jungle, amazing scuba-diving and snorkeling and an abundance of beach, sea and adventure activities.

Caribbean islands

The Bay Islands and the Cochinos Keys on the Caribbean coast of Honduras are full of delightful white sand beaches, lush vegetation, turquoise waters, coral reefs, fauna and a laid-back lifestyle. Roatan is the most developed island and offers a ton of activities. A dolphin encounter at Anthony’s Key, where you can pet and play with dolphins in a turquoise sea water enclosure, is a once in a lifetime experience.

Caribbean islands


The city Copán was founded around 1400 BC, in a lush jungle inhabited by hundreds of beautiful ara parrots. The archeological site is comprised of 4509 structures that stretch over a 135 km radius. There are squares, acropolis, ball game fields, temples, graves and beautiful carved steles, and the famous hieroglyphic stairway, which is the largest structure of its kind ever discovered in the Mayan world.


Comayagua was founded in 1537. From 1540 to 1880, it was first the capital of the “Province of the Captaincy General of Guatemala”, and then the capital of Honduras following its independence from Spain. The colonial city is surrounded by beautiful mountains. As you stroll through its colorful cobblestone streets, you will come across many beautiful churches, including the Church of Mercy, which is home to the oldest clock in the Americas.

A man sitting on the stairs in Comayagua

The Atlantic Coast

There are plenty of interesting sights alongside the 600 km long Caribbean coast of Honduras: All inclusive beach resorts and boutique hotels, the lovely Lancetilla botanical gardens, and the national park of Pico Bonito. A must-do activity is driving a 4WD car on dirt roads alongside the ocean to reach a Garifuna village on a strip of sand between the Los Micos lagoon and the Caribbean sea.

Lake Yojoa

Lake Yojoa is the biggest lake in Honduras, with an area of 90 square kilometers. Its crystal clear, calm waters reflect the blue sky and the clouds like a mirror. It is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with 375 different species of birds living on its shores. Only 15 minutes away, the 60 meters high Pulhapanzak waterfalls and the pre-Columbian city of “Los Naranjos” (an 800 BC Lenca archeological site) are also very impressive.

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