Land of the Blue Dragon

Vietnam is a country of beautiful diversity with long history and rich culture. It enamored travelers with soaring mountains, thousands of kilometers coastlines with various world-class beach destinations; a string of world heritage sites; charming cities with 1,000 years of history and modern French colonial metropolis, as well as scenic countryside. It also offers cultural immersion with fascinating cuisine and a home-grown flair for hospitality.

Ho Chi Minh City

Sprawling metropolis

Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon, the most dynamic city in Vietnam, drives travelers crazy at first due to the hustle and bustle of city life. Notwithstanding, travelers will never feel homesick among eager and intimate residents. Considered as the Pearl of the Far East with abundant local foods, the heaven of shopping and rich local history, a charming Saigon is further a bridge linking to other wonderful sights and stunning cuisine.

Ho Chi Minh City - Realistic Asia
Ha Long Bay - Realistic Asia

Ha Long Bay

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of The World

Ha Long Bay is a favor that Mother Nature granted a country full of ups and downs. Along with the diverse beautiful rocky islet system, here is the place where the ocean meets the sky in an uninterrupted line. A cruise journey through emerald waters between the limestone outcrops and long corridors will always be beyond your wildest dreams.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Pho – The best soup in the world

Nowhere in the world when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, Pho does not spring to someone’s mind. Its reputation has been growing for savory broth and variations in slow-cooked meats. The most picky eaters would be mouth-watering for its elegant recipe with additional herbs and spices. Even the sick cannot resist an image of freshly made rice noodles swirled on chopsticks before slurping into mouths. Pho is inevitably involved in the culture and life of Vietnamese people.

Pho Soup - Realistic Asia


A city with a thousand years of history

Hanoi, a 1000-year-old capital, has steeped in a long cultural, human and literary history. It has been a major tourist center of Vietnam where locals and international tourists are warmly welcomed by the elegant lifestyle and courteous manner. Firmly standing through damages from wartime and sheer chaos in modern time, Hanoi has retained its outstanding beauty and uniqueness.

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