Cradle of Civilisation

by MEP Turkey

Turkey, a phenomenal destination which is easily accessible, comfortably exotic with history dating back millennia and a dynamic economy. Turkey is absolutely the ultimate destination for events, incentives, meetings and congresses of all kinds. First of all, Istanbul provides ‘Double-centered Incentives for the Ages. Whether the whimsical fairylands of Cappadocia, stylish luxury of Bodrum or crystal turquoise waters of its Aegean Coast – Turkey offers a variety of contrasting incentive combinations for a diverse ranch of companies and your targets.​ Furthermore, the destination is known as a ‘Global Conference Powerhouse’! With direct flights to over 120 countries, one of worlds largest airports, hotel options of all sizes, congress facilities with utmost capabilities and venues that will impress everyone, Istanbul is the ultimate Conference & Congress Destination.​


Istanbul, the ultimate MICE city​

A capital of 3 empires, an economic dynamo, the most connected city in the world and an hospitality infrastructure outshining all rivals. This enormous metropole located between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara is the ‘hub’ destination between Europe and Asia. All elements come together in one city and they are absolutely astonishing. That’s why Istanbul is the ultimate destination for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Congresses & Events) related tourism. 


The ultimate retreat… inspiration… and discovery! 

A surreal landscape of volcanic ash eroded into fantastic formations-ocher fields of giant mushrooms and craggy cones stretch for miles amid vineyards and orchards. As if the wild beauty alone weren’t enough, hundreds of beehive homes and once-secret churches are carved into the soft rock. First settled by the Hittites in 2000 bc, Cappadocia was the hiding grounds of the early-Christians fleeing Roman persecution. Its prime location on the silk road, the trade route connecting the Orient to Europe, shaped the region into the fascinating lands it is today.

Bodrum Peninsula

Taste the Aegean Sea

Bodrum is a luxury destination where you can enjoy an ultimate experience. The area and city are well known for their retreats made exclusively for you. Immerse yourself in the culture and feel zen, get inspired and feel the uniqueness. Always with a Bodrum touch.

Turquoise Coast

Crystal clear waters & Iconic beaches

The Turquoise Coast is just as stunning as its name suggests. Luminous blue waves in that signature shade (the word “turquoise” actually comes from the French for “Turkish”) lap at isolated coves and some of the country’s most iconic beaches

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